Attraction Maps

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Point of Interest (POI)

1. Visitor Information Center (KIV)

One stop center for UTeM visitor is proposed to be build to welcome all tourist who visit UTeM. Souvenir shop, food bistro, innovation showcase and other interesting visiting point will be opened in here.

2. Innovation Showcase (KIV)

Innovation is a place where some of the impact invention by UTeM researcher were showcasing to the public. 

3. Melaka@UTeM Food Bistro (KIV)

Melaka food bistro is a tourist attraction cafe concept for UTeM visitor as well as students and staff. Some of the food stall will be selectively open based on the viral local food around Melaka. 

4. Wakaf Hang Tuah

Tuah is a symbols of UTeM student, the historical heroes of Melaka. Wakaf Hang Tuah is a monumental resting area for Tuah memorial. 

5. Canselori Building

The ‘signature building’ of UTeM, houses the main administration of the university which are Chancellery, Registrar, Bursary and Students and Alumni Affairs (HEPA). The building adopted traditional Malay courtyard house with the touch of modern design and hi-tech materials such as glass and aluminium cladding.

6. Chancellor Museum (KIV)

Chancellor Museum or gallery is the place where some of the UTeM chancellor item is exhibited. This include Keri Panjang (The Mace), Convocation suit and etc.

7. Art Street Step (KIV)

The art street steps is inspired from the Melacca traditional steps. The decoration and rt is done by a group of volunteer from student society. 

8. UTeM Lake

UTeM lake is very beautiful and it is a habitat fol a lot of biodiversity. Fishing is prohibited in this lake . Some of the activity that can be done here is sightseeing, fish feeding and kayaking. 

9. Kincir Air

Water wheels is an iconic functional monument in UTeM for renewable energy. 

10. Renewable Energy Park

Solar technology, wind mills and water wheels is displayed for educational purposes. 

11. Smart Farming Park (KIV)

Smart farming is a trend for modern way of planting vegetables. It is energy, source and waste management efficient to to fully utilizing a limited resource

12. Kayak

Kayak is one of the pleasing and relaxing activity that can be done in UTeM lake. 

13. Cycling Tours and Outdoors

UTeM has an on road and off road trek around campus for safety ride. 

14. Dewan Canselor

Dewan canselor has a very beautiful view of UTeM lake and thee panorama scenery of the entire UTeM. Visitor can take a picturewith UTeM iconic sign and ride a beca around. 

15. Electric Beca

To tired to walk? Lets ride a beca to tour the campus. With an electrical powered beca invented by UTeM researcher. 

16. Laman Hikmah UTeM

In order to suit with user needs, library provides services such as Online Renewal, Inter Library Loan, User Education Program, Library Exhibition, User Advisory Desk, Order n Collect and many more. To support research activities, it also provide Information Packaging and Research Appointment services in line to serve the University. Other than services, it  has many facilities such as discussion rooms, viewing rooms, carrel rooms, iPad, hover board and etc. 

17. Digital Clock Tower UTeM (KIV)

Inspired and support by surrounding industry, this clock tower will be coming the new iconic millennial monumental for UTeM and it will be located at the first roundabout when you first entering UTeM. 

18. Bunga-bunga UTeM

This is one of the beautiful site in UTeM for intagrammer. This is known as Tropical ‘Sakura’ spring , which is basically the blooming of Tecoma trees, a species of shrub from the trumpet vine family.

19. Bangunan Persatuan Pelajar UTeM

t student one stop center, visitor can find a Co-op convenient store, ATM, mini post office, printing and computer service. 

20. Kafeteria Pelajar dan Sasana Niaga

Buffet style cafeteria and ala-carte ordering style food is available with variety of savory local food. Sasana niaga is a student incubator for business start up. 

21. Masjid UTeM

Located at the middle of UTeM main campus, the mosque can accommodate 4,000 pilgrims at once. The construction of the mosque began on May 1, 2007 and cost RM15,341 Million with a total area of 4 hectares.

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