Welcome to UTeM Edutourism! Get to know this destination for all learners: it's much more than an University. The learning is fun comes to life at Arduino Robotic Camp, LEGO Robotic Camp, SMART Farming Activity, Solar Activity, IoT & Wireless Sensor Network Activity, Drone Fun Activity, Basic 3D Printing, and Electronic PCB Activity.  More choices of fun in ICT & Programming Activity, Product Development Activity, Entrepreneurial Camp, Teambuilding, Motivation and Counseling Camp, Spiritual Camp, Finishing School Camp, Mind Your Language Camp and experience living in campus hostels. Outdoor excitement offer campus Lake Kayak, campus fun Cycling, Jungle Tracking, Flying Fox and Sport (Football/Futsal/Badminton/Hockey/Pentangue). 

Experience the adventure of Electric Vehicle (EV) Car Tour and E-Beca Riding. Over 30 fun learning activities offer experiences and exciting adventures for young, local and international community and professionals from industries local and international. Meet and reveal your potential talent and interest through fun activities, be amazed by innovative and creative learning and breathtaking demos.  Enjoy the huge choice of more than 50 attractions in Melaka Tour Destination with (UNESCO World Heritage Tour, A Famosa/Menara Taming Sari), Zoo Melaka, Night Safari, Mini Malaysia, Taman Buaya, Taman Burung & Rama-rama: UTeM Edutourism, the perfect choice for learners break!

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